Favorites Disposable Carts

Favorites Disposable Carts

Favorites Disposable Carts


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Favorites Disposable Carts

When the box is opened, the premium liquid cannabis oil that comes pre-loaded in Favorites disposable carts is ready to use. After receiving your Favorites 2gram disposable vaporizer, all you have to do is take a puff and enjoy! While using the Burst carts, inhaling will let you to experience Favorites quality liquid diamond, assembly with a battery is required.

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THC liquid concentrates are intended to be used just once with the Favorites disposable vape pen. It should not be used with herbs or heavy oils. Using a thick substance increases the likelihood that oil may build up in the heating chamber and perhaps spill. Moreover, see other vape carts and disposable vapes like friendly farms carts, live carts, piff bar, muha meds disposables cali plug carts Dank vapes etc.



Apple Slushine, Apples & Bananas, Blueberry Muffin, Coco Island Girl


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Favorites Disposable CartsFavorites Disposable Carts