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Why are Third eye vape pen cartridges unique on the market?

Our unique formulas with natural and refined tastes provide an extraordinary vaporization experience, here’s why:

The distillate is full spectrum:

That is to say, it contains all cannabinoids including THC < 0.2%. This allows for an entourage effect, so the different cannabinoids work in synergy with each other to fuel your body, as nature intended.

Specific terpenes:

Our distillates are infused with specific terpenes from the best laboratories in the world. Beyond the tastes and flavors that terpenes can provide, they are above all selected for their specific effects, and act in synergy with the active ingredients already present in the distillate. We respect the ratios present in nature which makes the taste experience unique.

Ceramic cartridge: Third Eye Carts for sale USA

This entirely ceramic cartridge has passed the CA heavy metal test, allowing you to obtain beautiful vapor without any burnt taste. Its revolutionary heating elements help produce the purest taste, bringing you the best vaping experience and  effects of CBD .

Our first intention is to offer the most effective products possible, in order to support those in need, which is why we make no  compromise on the quality of our products.

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0.5G, 1G

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